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So yesterday I told you all that I had been working on a project with mount board for my photography and now I'm going to tell you all what the project was and share some fun snow pictures that I have got, I love how snow looks, just don't like how it interferes with things! 

The project that I was doing was mounting and framing some photographs using three different colours of mount board. The colours had to fit in with my room, purple, peach, beige and brown (although one day I want to paint my walls chocolate brown and hot pink), so the colours my mum chose (she did it as a suprise) where beige, chocolate brown and gold! I then wanted to double mount them so that It had effectively two windows, the first that showed my picture and the second that showed a thin amount of gold! I'm really happy with how they've turned out, and if you want to know more about how I did them please ask.

These pictures were picked strategically the one above was the last time I jumped Gatsby it was also the last time that I rode at Broomfield with Gatsby.

This is the second picture in my series of three this was the first time that I ever rode with Fiona and also the first time that I got Gatsby in an outline.
This picture is a more recent photograph it shows the first lesson where I got Gatsby in an outline for the majority of the time. So there is a reason why each photograph has been chosen! 

This is my horsey wall, it shows my '5th' Place Rosette at my first ever dressage competition and the photograph that was from it! It also shows my purple 'clear round' rosette this was one from a jumping lesson I had at broomfield, I rode Tobias and we got an all clear (Tobias is the same horse as in the show photograph). And the Empty Gap is where future photographs will go but also any rosettes/badges/ribbons that I might get in the future.

Now onto some of my own photographs with wanting to do a photography course and also wanting to run my own photography business I decided that I was going to do some extra photography, these photographs have had no editing done and have been chosen just because I like them. 

This photograph was taken of a really cute house, it looks like a bungalow but is on the side of a hill so instead of entering the house in the downstairs you enter upstairs and then go down stairs once in the house (sounds odd and is really hard to describe). 
This one I just liked because you could see the 'spring' flowers that are coming in but you can see the snow that we are getting at this time of the year.

The view from my Nan's room, my nan loves looking at the snow so this was another reason that I took photographs of the snow! This was taken looking out my Nan's bedroom window, I think that it looks really pretty with a blanket of white! 

This Photograph I just LOVE it was taken from inside through a window so that's why you can see the lines of reflection but I think even with the lines it still looks really effective! 

Icicle that was hanging from outside one of the windows. Love how this looks and the fact that the icicle is in focus but the background is really blurred. 
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  1. The mounts turned out really nicely!

  2. Lovely!!!! I wish I was a bit better at photography. I had a nice inexpensive camera that made me look good but I lost it. My newest one is pretty sad. Maybe I will have to get another.


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