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Today has been an interesting day but I really haven't done that much! I didn't get up til late on in the day as Mum thought it was best to let me catch up on some sleep. When I did get up I found that my mum had already been out to get me some mount board to do a project. We went out and did some jobs  then when we got back I started on my project, I decided that using mount board I wanted to mount and frame some of the photographs of me and Gatsby (I'll post more about it tomorrow). When I finished this I played on some games on facebook and then I got an urge to do some art work, so I've drawn out four ideas that tomorrow I am going to get up and paint and then when I have done that I think that I am going to do an artist review. 

I really don't feel like writing a lot so I'm not going to tonight, tomorrow I will have a better post for you and it will include loads of photographs! 

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