Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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Sixth Form Ball Dress Ordered and a relaxed day of art.

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I found the ball dress, as most of you will know (if you read my post yesterday) I had seen a dress that I really liked on pinterest and when I followed the link I was gutted to find out that it was on an American site so even if I ordered it from america there is NO guarantee that it would get her (the UK) in time. So last night I started looking on the internet, after my sister had left, for a dress that was similar to the one that I'd seen online I'd seen a few that were similar but the problem was that they all had a drop waist which is really not suitable for my body shape. Today I emailed them to my mum and she agreed that none of them were 'the one' so during my textiles lesson I went back online to look for that one dress I'd looked at so many different dresses and none of them were that close to the one I'd seen there were some that were similar but nothing that close, I was scrolling through the internet page and a dress caught my eye. I was so shocked to find out that it was THE dress that I'd seen on Pinterest, it was exactly the same and I was so happy that I managed to find it online on a UK site. The website does custom made dresses so you can have the dress made to your measurements and you can also make small alterations to it that you want e.g. adding a capped sleeve things like that. I loved it. I sent my mum the link and when I get in tonight we are going to check the measurements to see which size I need and hopefully we are going to get to order it. Everyone else in my textiles and english class have ordered their dresses but not me. So my mum and I will look at it tonight. 

Other news that I forgot to mention, last night my sister, her boyfriend and my nephew came over to visit my nan but also came over for tea we had BBQ'd chicken and everyone else had rice but I had noodles. When my sister came over they went in to see my nan and then came back in to the sitting room and Brody was on my sisters knee so I sat on the floor in front of them and he was so cute, he put his arms out so I gave him a hug and then I went to move back and he kept holding on so Mick said 'he's letting you know he wants you to pick him up' so I did, and he was being all cute and cuddly it was so nice. Then while we had tea he was pulling faces and he was making everybody laugh and it was dead funny because my dad was picking everyone's plates up and we were giving them him so that he could take them to the kitchen and Brody picked up his plate and held it out to give it to my dad and then he was waving to my dad all the time it was so cute and so funny. My nephew is such a good baby. Then when we were sitting on the floor in my nans room he developed a new game I sat on the floor and he kept running between my sister, his dad and I and giving us all hugs it was so adorable. Then when my dad came in to say bye to my sister Brody went running after him waving it was so cute! Gotta love my baby nephew, then he sat himself on my knee and looked as if he was about to start falling asleep on me. 

Today's been a fairly simple day, I spent my textiles lesson looking at dresses and did a page in my folder. In English we spent some more time reading the white devil, It's a really complicated book and there's so many characters with similar names that I never know who is who. I then spent some time drawing in art and am now curled up at home. 

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