snow... I hate the stuff!

Well I haven't done a lot today other than helping my mum to do some jobs and helping to look after my Nan, who has now decided that she wants someone sitting with her 24/7, so this could be a very interesting weekend. 

Last night it started to snow but during the course of the day all the roads cleared and it was just sleet it wasn't properly snowing, so I was really excited that I was going to be riding tomorrow, but as the evening went on the sleet turned to snow and the snow flakes got bigger and bigger and bigger. They were settling everywhere, I live in the countryside and all the roads around where I lived were just turning white! I'm really glad that we don't live in a country that has snow all year round! I'd hate that! As I said to my Dad earlier I wish that it would either chuck it down and settle or not snow at all I don't like it when it's in that in between stage and it becomes icy and slippery. 

Unfortunately earlier in the evening I got a text from Fiona saying that riding lessons were cancelled because of the snow (we only have an outdoor school at the moment) and because of where she is situated and the fact that it's a very open space she tends to get more snow than I do at my house (we have lots of tree's that are surrounding our house). While I was gutted that I won't be riding I am going to take the opportunity to do some art just for the fun of it and also to catch up on some sleep, as recently I've not been sleeping at night. I'm also going to take the opportunity to take some snow photos.

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  1. Boo on snow!I am so ready for the warmer weather!

  2. I'm ready for the warmer weather too! I hate the snow cause we have no indoor school so it can stop us riding :/ hopefully it'll be gone by next weekend!


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