Tired Girly.

Today has been a pretty long day with not a lot to do. It was comic relief which meant that it was a non uniform day in school which meant that I could just shove a pair of jeans on and a t-shirt. So that's exactly what I did. The only lessons that I'd got/was in was English and it was so tiring! The White Devil is such a good book but it is also so confusing, which wasn't good! I love reading it but there's so many characters with similar names that make you wonder who's who!

Tonight I went to my local youth group again I played two games of pool and won both which made my day as it's been ages since I played pool frequently and properly. Then I spent sometime on the 2012 olympic xbox game and it was so funny we all got a good laugh out of it. 

I'm now curled up at home with mum, watching create and craft. Now most of you will know that I love art but what you want know is that my mum is an amazing crafter and it was my mum that got me in to writing a blog as she used to write a blog called 'Ladybug Loves Cricut', so she often has on the create and craft channel as she still likes to find out what is popular and loves to see other peoples Ideas.  At the minute we've got create and craft on and there is this adorable set of crafting papers, stencils, stamps etc. Called Bamboo - Party Paws by Crafters Companion. It's this really really cute Cartoon panda bear character, and this character has inspired me to do some drawing, recently all I've done is art work or just school work in general and I want a break from it! I want to do something different, something that I do just for fun. Everything is so serious these days and I used to love drawing it was my favourite thing to do and my favourite way to escape from everything that was going on in my life, then because of my art teacher I HATED art, I wanted to drop it, I didn't want to do it in my spare time I had had enough, but recently that's changed I've felt like I want to do art again, I want to draw in my free time for the fun of it, I want to do things that have no importance but I just feel like doing. Life's to short not to have fun and do things that we love and that we enjoy doing! 

Tomorrow is my day with Gatsby and I can't wait. I get to ride Gatsby for my usual time and spend time giving him cuddles and making him look even more beautiful than he normally does! Okay I am a little bit biased but he is adorable! Then in the afternoon Fiona is doing some workshops for an hour that I would really like to go to, but forgot to ask her about last week, so need to ask her about that tomorrow morning! But I'm hoping that it's still on and that I can go to it! 

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