A day at the stables

This morning was time for me to get up and early and go up to the stables to help out.  I had to be there for 8:30 and I was staying there til 10:30 we mucked out all the horses, cleaned there waters and put fresh in and then we filled the haynets and hung them up as well as filling the hay nets for tonight. when we had finished that we swept the yard and had finished 20 minutes early so I was talking to Elaine and Fiona about pony club. The launch day for pony club is Monday 29th April at 4;30 every 12 weeks there will be assessments towards badges. Well work through bronze the gold levels and then levels E to A and at either a or b we can do our stage three. Instead of having to do one, two and then three.  I can't wait to do it, I've sent my pony club form off today. 

Mum picked me up at 10:30. we then had to go to the other side if derby to dressmaker about my sixth form ball dress. To start with she didn't think she could do anything but when looking inside and seeing how big the seams were she thinks that she can let it out and Anything extra off the length of the dress can be used to create extra panels that will make it closer to the correct measurements. so hopefully it is going to fit by the time that she is done.  My sister then came over to sit with my nan so that my mum could take me back to the stables. We took my nephew with me so that he could see the horses even though he kept calling them 'dogs' he also got to meet bliss the dog who sniff do him and let him stroke her and brody kept calling bliss 'a woof woof'. 

When I got to the stables we bought all the horses in. Then had a cup of tea and while I was doing this the farrier came. While they got to work I groomed Gatsby and got him ready for his lesson after the girl rode him I got on him and rode time the next lesson person was in we worked in serpentines, sitting trot, and going over poles. It was really good he was responsive and active and I had fun riding him all though after paint balling yesterday I ache like helll. I untacked Gatsby and practiced plaiting his tail. I skipped out and then watched the farrier for a while. Gatsby had got another lesson so I tacked him back up and got him ready. While Gatsby was being ridden I groomed prince as he's not been clipped and was shedding like mad. We then checked and topped up their water, put in their night time hay net and gave them all their feed except for Gatsby as he was being rode. when the horses had finished I cleaned the feed buckets and then my mum came to get me when I left Gatsby was still having a lesson so I shouted by to Fiona and we went to the Chinese to get my tea. 

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