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Well today's post may end up as a bit of a rant about art. So nothing to do with horses will be in this post. so if you don't want to read it I completely understand that. 

Today it has been confirmed that I am no longer doing my art a level course. Unfortunately the issue has not been able to he resolved and to carry on doing the course would stress me out to much and in turn would cause me to be ill. I can't go in to the situation completely because it is being looked into by my school so until that is done I am not really able to talk about it. While I agree that dropping my art is for the best it annoys me that I've spent a year working damn hard on an A Level that with 3 weeks til the end I am not going to be able to finish. It's basically letting my art teacher win but I'm just too tired to keep fighting with him. 

This afternoon my sister came over for tea. Which means that I got to see my nephew which always makes me feel better. We had cuddles, played games and wandered all over the place. We made 'gran gran laugh when he insisted that he wanted more cake, he got grandpa grumps to pick him up to play with the dolphin wind chimes that I have got. He terrorised the dog trying to follow her all over the place, for some reason angel is terrified of brody but today she let him get closer to her. We had a good time overall and my sister got to spend time with my nan. I don't think that my sister actually got how ill my nan is. 

Tomorrow I have a day off school so I'm going to help my mum do some of the jobs that she needs doing. Like the food shopping then I think that I am going to do some school work but who knows what the day will bring. 

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