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This is going to be my first of two posts today and will be about my last post about my last day at centreparcs. Then this evening I have got my pony club launch evening so I will post about it after I have been to it. Last night zona and I went to bed fairly early and because of this zona and I got up about 8/8:30 this morning. While Zona played on her Nexas 7 tablets I spent some time reading everyone's blogs. Then we remembered that Jeremy Kyle was about to start so we put that on, at this point there was only me and Zona up, then when her mum and dad came in the sitting room her Dad made us all laugh by pretending to be one of the chavy people off Jeremy kyle. 

This afternoon we went up to the dome again. I love it there cause there is am inside bit that's lovely and warm but then there's an outside bit as well so when you go outside the waters really warm and if it's sunny it makes the water even nicer its lovely. We spent some time chilling by the pool. Then spent some time playing with a beach ball that Zona has got and we were attempting to play volley ball in the swimming pool it was awesome and we had a great laugh cause we are both pretty bad at it. We also spent some time in the hot tubs and omg they are the hottest hot tubs that I have ever been in they are so nice. You can probably tell that they are my favourite place to be. 

Them we left there at about 1:30 after we had washed my hair so that we could have lunch at the cabin because at 2 my mum is leaving my house to come and fetch me I think she's bringing my mini so that I'll be driving my mini back but it depends on how on time my mum leaves on which car she brings which I don't know yet because we're just eating lunch so I will have to wait til she arrives to know which car she is bringing. 

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