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After having a great day yesterday today has turned out to be not so great. The short story is basically I am no longer an art students after a problem I've dropped art. but that's a post for another day. This post is pictures of the things for my mini and my mini enjoy!! 

My car mats black and pink the drivers one is the only one that has the graphics on and up the side you can see where it ways powered by fairy dust. I caved and got more in this set. 

This is the folded up boot organiser inside it has two big sections perfect for camera equipment of horse riding things. and on the end you can see in this picture there is also a flap for storage.

The inside of my boot organiser. 

This attaches to the sun visor its perfect for storing CDs and things like that.  

The tax disk holder 

This is allowed the collection I have of the powered by fairy dust accessories. Except for my mats as I couldn't figure out how to get them in the pictures as well.

Side view of my mini these next few pictures have been taking off the Internet. Because I didn't take any photographs when I went to look at my car.

Back view of my mini. 

The boot of my mini. When the boot organisers not being used it will be in one side behind the nets and my riding hat will be in the other one.
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  1. I LOVE it! It's such a cute little car :)

  2. Minis are such cool cars and what a bunch of great stuff you got. Sorry you dropped art :(

  3. Thanks L, I love it, love how I can personalise things!

  4. great car! hope your schooling all works out. i recently had a big, frustrating, expensive snaffu with my degree, it can all be very frustrating

  5. Thanks kitty kat I'm so annoyed over it but I know that this is the best choice xx


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