Gatsby Time tomorrow, but today a not very interesting day!

This morning I was dead excited because I thought that my playbook was going to come, so I wasn't very happy when the post came and it wasn't there. Because it hadn't come I went to help my mum do the shopping then when we got back I went to see my nan for a bit and thought that I would look online and see when it was going to be delivered, well when I looked there was no sign of it. So mum rang Royal mail and they hadn't got it, there wasn't a phone number to ring the company that I got it from so it was just going to be a waiting game. However just now (10pm) I thought that I would check online and see if it showed up on Royal Mail and it does! So hopefully it should be coming tomorrow, one of the first thing that I am going to do is put the Kindle app on it, and maybe instagram! I know that it comes with a word on the go programme and things like this, so it's going to be fun playing with it and getting to look at it and know it better. 

My sister was also supposed to come today so when we got back from shopping I was sitting around waiting for her and my nephew to arrive, but they never turned up and we didn't hear from her until late evening time. Then she rang us to tell us that she hadn't been able to come because Brody wasn't very well. She's hoping that he will be better soon and if he's better by monday she's going to come around after I've been helping at the yard. It will be good to see her and my favourite little man! 

Tomorrow I get to spend time with my favourite horse in the world, Gatsby, I'm going to be working on cantering, and trying to not only get nice transitions but also to get him to canter in an outline this should be fairly interesting as it's something I'd never even thought about doing. It's also the grand national tomorrow now while I don't like horse racing my Mum has always put a bet on for all of us in the house so I've got a bet on SeaBass, this is the only horse with a female jockey, there was two other reasons why I picked this horse, the first being Sea Bass came third last year, the second being that the race colours are purple. Oh and the odds were good at 11/1 now they've gone down to 8/1, maybe I'll win this year! 

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