Mini and day out.

Hospital appointment went well this morning. I git left with an open ended appointment. To go back if I thought that there was something that they could do to help me. they said that they thought I was doing well with my coping strategies and being able to ride more, as well as setting myself small goals. So that's went really well. I then spent the day out with Dean and Sue we had a really good laugh and other thoroughly enjoyed it. We went past chatsworth and got to see all the deer they were so close to the road. It was an 'i wish I had my camera with me' moment. Then we just chilled out and had a laugh. 

I also have some good news for the past two days I have been looking for cars more specifically a mini. Well we find two and neither of them turned out to be any good. We then found a red one that looked promising but by the time my mum got hold of the person the car was sold. My mum then found what they said was a 'british racing green' Mini One 1.4 for £6000 which was initially more expensive than the original cut off point on price. My mum asked me if I minded it being metallic green, well to my mum and I its more of a jade green it is really pretty. I love it it has roughly 40000 miles on the clock so should last me a fair while. Tomorrow I am going to look at the mini and if I like it I will be paying for it then and their. So I might have my very own car by Friday or Saturday. I'm really excited about this and cannot wait. I will be able to tell you more about it tomorrow. Let's keep our fingers crossed that everything works out thus time. I'll leave you with a picture of it

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