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Hey y'all

Ive just got in bed after a long but great day at centre parcs I love it here. We arrived yesterday at lunch time.and the first thing that we did was go to the dome and go swimming. My best mate then surprised me by giving me a bag full of presents (pictures to come). Zonas mum and dad through a surprise birthday party we had food and cakes and just had a really good time. We then went up to the bowling part of centreparcs that has disco it was really good and I loved it. We had a laugh then came home and watched Eastenders. 

Today we got up really early. We watched some television and had breakfast so I took my time just chilling out and catching up reading everyone blogs. Then when we were eventually ready we all headed upto the dome. Which is like this massive swimming centre that has slides and hot tubs and just places to chill by the pool. It's lovely and I always enjoy myself and we have laugh. This evening I had pie and chips we then went back upto the disco where we had a few relationship issues between my best mates brother and his girlfriend. So now im just chilling in bed chatting to my best mate about the work that she does at a nursing home. 

Now on to pictures 

Love this picture and my flashing 18 badge we had a great day on my birthday but I missed my mum and dad it felt weird being away from them. 

Love this picture to this is me and the best one we had such a good time.

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