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First off I want to thank everyone for the birthday messages they were lovely. Today has been a long and tiring day. I forgot to mention in music earlier post about two kids at center parcs Zona threw the beach ball down the deep end of the swimming pool so I went to fetch it and when I came back there was this little girl standing there she looked to be 4 or 5 and in this really sweet voice she asked if she could play with us so zona and I said yes if you want to. So for ages we were just throwing the ball back and forth. Zonas and I would take it in turns to lift this little girl up so that she could send the blog back to the other person. Then her brother turned up and asked if he could play to so for about 20 minutes we were just playing with these two models. Until sadly we had to go. 

My mum did end up bringing my mini down for me to drive it back I had one problem in the car park where I let my drive us out and then we switched back. Then on drove the 50 minute trip from Nottingham to west hallam for my riding school. It was the pony club launch day. When I got there fiona was getting ready and so was the area manager, she explained to all of us what pony club was about and the badges that would come. We got information, a bobbley eyed horse thing, and a catalogue of pony club things that you can buy. Fiona was talking to the area manager and said that she had already got her dressage team sorted and looked at Jaimie-Leigh and I. The area manager then asked if she was going to do championships. Fiona just gave us a look and we both thought yeah she is going to do this. It's going to be so fun. After the pony club thing was over fiona said that I could stay to help out so I got Gatsby and rascals feed and gave it to them when they were done eating I cleaned out their feed buckets. Skipped out the stables, hung their night time haynets and filled their water buckets up for them then as it's still quite cold I put their second rugs on. I was surprised to find that when my mum came to pick she up she had got my nephew with her, she had text me earlier but I was that busy that I didn't have time to look at my phone. 

When I got home my mum decided even though I'd been asking all weekend to tell me how ill my nan actually is. But the fact that my mum wasn't telling me kind of gave it away about how ill she was. Basically it doesn't look like my nan going to live for long, I'm not talking a few weeks, I'm talking only a few days, which was a pretty rubbish end to what had been a fairly good day. She's now got to have a hospital bed instead of her bed because she's not safe. She also has to have a night sitter to keep an eye on her to give my mum a break. Last night this worked really well, so far tonight so much. In less than an hour the nurse has been in to my mum three times.

I'm now knackered and feeling the need to go to sleep.

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  1. Sorry about your Nan. Glad you had a good trip for your BDay and the pony club sounds exciting.


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