Relaxed Day.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013
Today I spent the day at home, I've not been sleeping very well recently so when I didn't get up early my mum let me sleep in for a bit. When I did get up I went to keep my Nan company for a while and wait with her until the Doctor came. When he came he told us that until next week at the earliest there is nothing that he can do because he couldn't even get a reading on her blood pressure, and her pulse was very weak to. Tomorrow my Nan's going to get her cast taken off so that should help her to do more things and while she is there she is going to be getting a chest X-Ray. So that our Doctor can figure out what he can to do to help her. But at the minute it doesn't look like there is a lot that he can do for her. 

For a while I have been looking at Kindles and I've always liked the idea of a Kindle and my dad's got one. Tonight I decided to have a look at what tablets were out at the minute. As some of you will know I am blackberry addict. My phone's a blackberry and when I change it, it will be another blackberry that I get. So when I saw the Playbook I was really excited, but didn't think I could get it BUT I managed to find the PlayBook online for cheaper so my Mum and Nan have each given me £20 towards it so that I was able to buy the playbook. This will be really helpful for me for when I go to centre parks because my baby laptop (a notebook I've had for years) is really slow and doesn't work and I really didn't like the idea of taking my Mac to centre parcs I don't know why I just really really didn't like that Idea. So being able to get a smaller tablet that I can use to get on the internet was really helpful for me and will allow me to do work at the same time as well as being able to update my blog (hopefully)! 

Tomorrow while my Nan is at the hospital my mum and I are hoping that we are going to be able to go swimming then I am hoping to go for a walk in the evening with my dad, on Friday my sisters coming over to help me look after my Nan while my mum and uncle go out to do the shopping so I get to see my Nephew too! Then Saturday I am FINALLY going to get some horse time! 

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A Girl With A Dream 


  1. Christine said...:

    Exciting about the playbook! It's great to be able to update your blog whilst mobile :)

    Are you much of an ebook person? I'll be releasing a horse novel shortly and am keen to know people can read that from their kindle, ipad, etc!

  1. I'm really excited about it! Yeah I love ebooks, I used to download them on to my kindle app on my iPhone/mac, I'd love to read your horse novel! x

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