Textiles deadline

Today was my textiles deadline so it has been a really busy day. I mounted up all my extra photos in the back of my folder my mum helped me by creating me a designer care label that I love. With my textiles coursework now complete it means that I will have more time to focus on my textiles theory and my English example work which means that I might just be able to bring the grades back up but who knows we will have to wait and see what happens closer today. 

Tomorrow I go to centreparcs for the weekend so I am sure that there will be lots of pictures for you all and hopefully it will stop raining and the sun will come out for the weekend. Who am I kidding? But a girl can wish anyway! 

So far I've taken my car out everyday since I got it a week ago and today was by far the best ride. I managed to do a hill start without stalling. Get us to Sandiacre which is a 20/30 minute drive from my house and park in a parking space all without stalling. Then I reversed out of my parking space well what you don't know is this was the first time I have ever reversed and I didn't stall. I drove us back only stalling once this was by far the smoothest journey that I have had so far. I also manage to get up the hill and change the gears correctly now this is important to me because where Gatsby is now I have to go up a hill. So now that I know I can get up that hill its one less thing to worry about.

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  1. Congrats, sounds like your becoming an old pro at driving a manual. glad your enjoying your car and the freedom ti brings ;)


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