Tomorrow is my textiles deadline.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013
Today has been a long day so this won't be a long post. Tomorrow is my textiles dead line so I haven't really done anything but textiles today. Today also would have been the first day of my A2 art coursework it was so annoying to know I've worked for a year at my art work and three weeks from the end I have had to give it up.
I also had some really exciting news for me today. As my textiles dead line so is tomorrow i needed to take my pictures in my garment tonight. Well as you will all know recently I have been working really hard to lose weight. About a month ago this garments fit me like a glove well not now. The garments massive on me! I even had to get my mum to pin me into the garment. I was buzzing that I lost weight now all I need to figure out is how to get the garments to stay on for the final textiles fashion show. The pictures that I have taken today will be in a post soon. 

I need to be up early tomorrow to finish of  my coursework 
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