A need for Speed, and dressage tests.

So today I went to see the 6th fast and furious film, I thought it was going to be the last but it doesn't look like it is and that's amazing because I've like grown up watching these films. The next one is going to be interesting because it includes Jason Statham who is one of my all time favourite actors. I can not wait. For any one that has not seen this film you should definitely go and watch it. If you like fast cars, money and fun then this is the film that is for you. I love watching these films and can't wait until it comes out on DVD compared to some of the others it wasn't the best but it was good and had a strong story line to it and the fact that Lettie's back made it even better. These films always have and always will give me need for Speed what more can I say other than I love fast cars. 

On Monday first of all I had a how to ride a dressage test clinic. I decided that I wanted to really push myself so I did one that was based around including canter circles. When we first got there we looked through some shorter but popular tests. We the went in to the school and walked through the test out of all of us I was doing the hardest one that included lots of transitions. After we had walked through it it was time to give the ponies some loving. So I gave Gatsby lots of cuddles and brushing snd just enjoyed spending time with him. We them got on the horses and we worked through the simplest test so that the youngest girl.had got a better idea which I was fine with and to be honest it totally made sense. when we had done that I asked for a couple for canter transitions with Gatsby just to see what he was going to be like for when we did do the test. I agreed that I would do my test first, it wasn't the best of tests, it wasn't overly graceful but considering it was the first time that I had rode a test in over a year I was happy with it. I was able to pick up the canter when Gatsby broke out of it and over all I was really happy with how the afternoon went. 

This post is to be continued tomorrow, I'll have more details on the test and pictures of my score sheets. I will also tell you how pony club went. 

But Until Then 
A Girl With A Dream 


  1. Oohh! I want to see Fast and Furious 6 - loved Fast Five. Interested to read about the clinic.

  2. It's amazing well worth watching! I've watched all of them and they just keep getting better!


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