Ball make up sorted and quality time with my best friend who is practically family.

Well I finally got round to putting the pictures up that I've wanted to put up for the last few days. Today's been a day full of activities including woke up quite late this morning so I went as soon as I was awake to get my pink filing cabinet that is going to be for the next few years at uni. I then drove back and had a longer nap I just felt so tired and with my ears hurting I didn't get much sleep last night. My mum came back to wake me up when my sister arrived. For a while we just sat in my nans bedroom talking so that my nan knew that she had got some company and that we wanted to sit with her. After a while I gave my sister some space with my nan and Evie rang to tell me that she was just about to have a shower and then head to mine. She asked if my sister would stay until she got there and my sister agreed. We went outside when Evie got here to play football with brody. Now for those of you that know me will know that I used to play football but I haven't in several years. Eventually I just got bored of playing so I used the opportunity to take some more pictures of Brody for my sister. 

Mum and I decided that after we had all had something to eat that I could go for a drive. Now the last time Evie came With me was when I went to pick up the car and ny driving was rubbish however today she said that my driving was very food and that it had changed and calmed down over the past two weeks. so that made me feel happier. We then spent time sorting out our sixth form ball hair and makeup ideas and then we put a film on. Which Evie fell asleep while watching. 

Tomorrow I am going to spend more time with Evie and we are going to clean both the cars (hers and mine). We are then going to head to one of the big boots shops to get some make up for the sixth form ball. Then in Wednesday I get to try my dress on again hehe I can not wait. Hopefully it will be ready for me to just bring home as the ball is in just under two weeks time. Not long to go now. 

Tomorrow there are more pictures to come but Evies snoring is making me want to go to sleep.
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