DIY, Driving and seeing Family

I am finally curled up in bed watching tv with my ever so cuddly dog. Angel is funny she doesn't like people coming in the house and will bark for hours if someone different comes to the house. But when it's just us in the house she is so dopey and stuff shell curl up with us and give everyone cuddles she's a great little dog. 

This morning I went to fetch a desk that i had reserved off argos' website. We picked it up and then came the fun part putting it together. Now DIY I am not very good at so I had to get my mum to help me put it together. So it is now up in my room. 

Today I got to see my nephew and my sister again and he is starting to be one cheeky little fella. When he's doing something wrong he knows that he is and gets this looks on his face it is the same thing that happens when you tell him no. He knows the difference between being right or wrong, and he's really clever. Earlier he kept walking I'm to what was my nans part of the house and looking everywhere for her it was really sad he couldn't understand it. In the end we all just chilled in my nans bedroom for a while. 

Today I went for two drives i did indeed earlier in hat involved more hills and was a little bit more challenging as it involved new and different roads. Then this evening I took my bother to Asda to get some energy drinks then I thought that we would just be coming straight back, I was wrong. He decided that he wanted to see more of my driving so I took him for a drive to. He was really nice and said that my driving had changed a lot and that I had improved and wasn't 'as slow and boring as before, I was faster and smoother' now this is the closest to a compliment that I will get off my brother so I thought that was really nice. 

Tomorrow I have a full day in school its going to be a long day but there are only 2 more days of school left. 

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