Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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Pony Club and Dressage Clinic With Lots of Details

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So more information on the dressage clinic, it amazed me how much my riding changed the minute that people mentioned test to me, it was like I immediately became nervous even though in my mind I knew that i had got no reason to be nervous. Below I'll put the movements the score I got and the comments that I got:-

  1. A - Enter working trot rising. Score 8/10. St Cl Active. 
  2. C - Track Left. 7/10. Active paces.
  3. E - Circle Left 20m. 7/10. Could have been rounder. 
  4. Between K and A - working Canter Left lead. 7/10. Good Balance. 
  5. B - Circle Left 20m. 5/10. Broke. 
  6. Approaching B - Working Trot. 6/10. Could be safer. 
  7. C - Medium Walk. 5/10. Jogged. 
  8. HXF - Free Walk on a long rein. FA Medium Walk. 8/10. Good stretch and length of stride. 
  9. A - Working Trot. 8/10. No comment 
  10. E - Circle Right 20m. 7/10. Becoming Softer. 
  11. Between H&C - Working canter right lead. 5/10. Late to Canter. 
  12. B - Circle right 20m. 5/10. Broke. 
  13. Approaching B - Working Trot. 7/10. No Comment. 
  14. A - Down Centre Line. X - Halt. Salute. 6/10. Brief half. 1/4 right. 
Now on to the assessments and the comments that I got from them. 
  • Rider's positions and influence - straightness, balance and suppleness. Correctness and effectiveness of the aids, execution of the movements. 7/10. Comment - Need to work on the effectiveness of and in canter.
  • Relaxation and correct contact - Calm and Confident. Elastic Contact, with a relaxed horses that is free and regular. Accepting the bridle and the riders leg aids. - 6/10. Comment - Maintain rein contact and encourage softer outline
  • Regularity and Freedom - Relaxed and free of tension. Willingness to move freely forward with regularity in all paces. 7/10. Comment - Paces at times a little hurried and lose of rhythm. 
  • General Impression - The horse and rider work confidently as a combination showing smoothness, regularity and relaxation. Transitions are smooth and the rider positively influences the horse, following the movement. 7/10. Comment - More practice at test riding to relax more.
While the scores aren't great I am really happy with both the work that I did and the work that Gatsby did, he was soft at times but I know that I need to work harder. I am really happy with some of the 8's that I got as I really didn't expect to get 8's. The 5's in the canters I fully expected because I have only just really started working on the canter work. But I was happy that I was able to pick up the canter after I broke the canter. It made me feel more confident when I was riding and that I can ride and that I do work well with Gatsby. I am so happy with how much my riding is changing and that I am finally getting to where I want to be with my riding. 


Then at 4:30 it was Pony Club. I love pony club it is so fun. Today we decided that we were going to do some more leading work and grooming but then we were going to look at doing field maintenance as well. As I had just ridden Gatsby I agreed that I would also to do some work with Rascal. Rascal is 24 so is quite stiff and old, I was doing work with Rascal on leading. We practiced doing walk, and a small amount of trot. After doing this we halted on the centre line and practiced backing, and turning from one side 360 degrees and then doing the same going the other way. After we had done this we took the horses in and sat down to talk about field maintenance. We talked about ragwart (think I spelt that right), poo picking fields and why it was important to do this. We started off doing this but Rosie has kicked up Laminitis after being in the fresh grass for less than a day. Rosie originally goes out with Corrie, the two of them where in a new paddock. Fiona and I took down the electric fence in one field and then moved it to the old field that Corrie and Rosie were in, we split the field in two and worked on putting the electric fence in place. This was something that I had never done before and I loved learning how to do it. When we had managed to do this we went back to poo picking. It was then time to go home the horses were already out in the field so we didn't need to do that but I wouldn't have minded doing that. 

Pony Club was so much fun and Fiona asked if I thought it was effective and I said yes we thought that it was effective because one day in the future I am going to want my own horse, and pony club is giving me the opportunity to learn all about how to look after my pony so that when the time comes I'll know how to do it. I am loving all the learning and the fact that maybe one day I'll get to do some competitions too. I never thought that I would ever want to do in one hand work but I LOVE it, I really think it's helping to build a bond with other horses it is so much fun. 

On Friday (tomorrow) I have an own a Pony Day so there will be another horse related post tomorrow, now that I have left school I am getting so many more opportunities to do things that are horse related. Later on I am going to do a post that has pictures of my new gloves and what I think about them and it is also going to have pictures of my test sheet as well as my new jacket. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream. 

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