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Monday, 20 May 2013
I love ponyclub I get to spend time with Gatsby and learn new things which is always great fun. Today we were working on handling we spent a while grooming. Gatsby liked this because it meant that he could get pampered and go to sleep! We spent quite a while doing it. We then had a break we liked this because it involved juice and cakes!! I like cakes. 

When we had done this we moved on to doing handling. This was awesome it was like doing an in hand show. It was so fun and I cant wait to do more Gatsby reacted really well because of Gatsbys martingale we used the lunge bridle that had got vettie's bit in it. Fiona showed us how to check that the bridle would fit Gatsby and what to do to change it. Fiona asked if I had ever done in hand work and I said no.  I think that I picked it up really well. We started off just doing simple things like working on walking at a nice rhythm we then moved on to the trot for some reason I just found this really easy. So fiona suggested that I tried making it so when I moved my inside leg Gatsbys inside leg moved. We got a couple if strides of this which I was really surprised about the few sides we did get were amazing. It was totally harmony ans floating and it felt so good I can not wait to do more of this and learn more about it. 

We then moved on to standing on the centre line and getting the horses to go backwards. Fiona demonstrated on Gatsby and in his typical style be tried to bite her showing off his more grumpy side. He tried it half heartedly once got told off and knew better than to try it again. We then tried going sideways and Gatsby amazed me by just doing it you didn't even need to ask him he just did it. It's moments like this that horses show how truly amazing and intelligent they are. It fascinates me how they're mind works and I cant wait to learn more about what I call one of my best friends Gatsby. 

I also organised that on Saturday I can stay and help out again in the afternoon which is something that I always enjoy doing. Horses just chill me out. Last night and this morning I did some more revision and tomorrow I plan to do more while I am waiting in Stoke. I have to take my car to a garage there while it is under warranty as it's kept telling me that the engine is over heating. Hopefully they will be bale to sort it while my mum and I are there but they don't know how long it is going to take we have to leave mine by 7 so tomorrow is going to be a long day. 

So now im off to sleep.
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