Such a long day

Today has been a really long and tiring day with its fair share of arguments. When I woke up this morning I knew that I wasn't going to be at school because I had two essays that needed writing foe English. The down side of a weekend away is the fact that when I come back I have so much work to catch up on. It took me all day today write my essays. This morning my sister came around and it was sods law that my nan decided that it was today that she wanted to sleep in. So my sister asked if she could come back this evening my mum said yes. Well tonight my sister let everyone see how much she is not dealing with about my nan being ill. As she lost her temper one minute she was crying the next she was angry. To be honest I don't think that she nows how she is feeling. 

At the same time as she did last night my nan decided that she wanted to start getting out of bed and that she needed to go home (which is exactly where she is). Well we ended up with the district nurse coming out to give nan an injection and within ten minutes of having the injection and she was fast asleep and hasn't woken up so far. Nan has no night sitter tonight so my uncles come over for tonight to help my mum look after her. 

I'm too tired to keep writing so that's all for now. 
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