Who knows what the future will bring

Yesterday was a long day where everyone was running on high emotions not only was in on edge because of the things going on with my Nan but I also had to go and see the doctor for myself. Some how I have managed to get two ear infections in one ear and an ear infection building up in my other ear now I am prone to early infections so I wasn't really worried to start with however as it kept getting more painful and uncomfy i decided that it was time to go and see my doctor so I have got to have antibiotics as well as ear drops.

This morning I drove to school and was buzzing about the fact that I drove without stalling. The school day was a long and fairly boring day I handed in two essays and got given another one to do. When I got home my sister had come to visit my nan even though all she is doing is sleeping. after this I took my car for a longer drive ans was really pleased with how my driving went.

Tonight my nan has got a night sitter but my mums gut feeling is that my nan might not make it through the night so i have asked my mum if anything happens to wake me up and she has agreed that she will do, if it was what I really wanted.

So for now I am going to curl up with Angel and try and get some sleep. Who knows what the night will bring but for now

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