308th Post

Todays been a bit of a boring day so there is not much for me to tell you guys! However I have now reached 300 posts, something that I never thought I would do so that's really exciting! I'm thinking about doing a competition but having no money and being a student I don't know what I could offer you guys! 

This morning I woke up early for some reason ever since I left school I've been getting up earlier than when I was at school. My brothers phone was supposed to come back today, so my mum and I couldn't go out anywhere. We waited in all day then at about 1:00pm our neighbour from across the road came over to say that he had go t a piece of paper saying they tried to deliver my brothers phone but no-one was in. Not only was it the wrong address but he was in all day as well. We then rang up and my mum said she wanted the phone today, not tomorrow, today! She got told that she was being unreasonable as the delivery person had already tried to deliver it, she then got told that it had been sent in a taxi and they couldn't find our house! Every time my mum spoke to the people the story changed. Eventually the phone turned up at about 7pm this evening. 

This evening was much the same as today. I did a crossword in my riding magazine and have sent that off and another competition from the same magazine so maybe I will actually win something! I might not but maybe I will do, who knows, not me! 

Tomorrow I want to do something creative, maybe I'll make a cake or do some more drawing. I don't know what I will do yet but I know that it will be something interesting. Whatever I do there will be pictures of in my post tomorrow.

Now I'm going to do some stomach crunches, then curl up and watch t.v. So...

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 


  1. I have left an award for you on my blog. If you go to my blog you can get it :)


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