A good canter schooling session today

There were no light bulb moments this week, but we did some nice canter work. I spent half an hour brushing him and giving him some love and attention at one point I thought that he was going to fall asleep on me. I'd found an area near his nose/muzzle that he enjoyed having scratched and he just started nodding off it was soo nice! 

I tacked him up and got on him. I knew what I wanted to accomplish that day and that was doing more working cantering and a small amount of work with out stirrups. After I had warmed Gatsby up I took away my stirrups and we kept in walk. We did lots of transitions and asking him to soften. Then at one point he decided that he was going to start backing up on me and not listen to my leg when I asked him to move my forward. After this incident I got my stirrups back and continued asking him to soften. For some reason this week I just couldn't quite get it right, we soon realised that I was asking for way to much bend! He was pushing his head to the left so I swapped my crop in to the other hand and he immediately softened down all I needed to do was switch which side my crop on and that was it! I couldn't believe it. I also realised that on one rein I push my left shoulder forwards and on the other rein I close my hip. When we moved on to canter, we only did a small amount of canter as it was at the end of the lesson but I got a light bulb moment when I was able to rock my hips with his canter movement and because of this he bought his hind end under him, it was amazing! When we'd finished we cooled him down and I just couldn't believe how nice the canter felt. 

Tomorrow I have to be up at 6am I could tell you why but then this wouldn't be a cliff hanger! 


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p.s. Enjoy the suspension 


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