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This morning I got a lie in after my early morning and late night yesterday. The journey to Blackpool was longer than I thought that it was going to be, I thought I'd be able to fall asleep on the way there but there was no such luck! 

When we got there we had a look in the hotel that Hannah (my brother's Girlfriend) was staying at, it was nice and small and a had a great view of the sea it was lovely. When we'd had a look we started making the walk to the other end of the promenade towards were the fairs were and Pleasure Beach. We got up to the Blackpool Tower, originally I said that I wasn't going to go all the way to the top because I'm one of those people that just do not like heights. However I did go to the top and I'm glad I did as the view was lovely, it was all enclosed so it didn't bother me too much, except at one point where there was a glass floor that you could stand on my mum and I didn't like the look of it but my brother did and so did Hannah. They then went three floors higher to go right to the top of the tower my mum and I didn't do that part as that was outside. 

View from the top of the Blackpool tower, it amazed me the quality of photos that you could get from so high up! 
Another view from the top of the Blackpool tower, See that Rollercoaster at the centre of the photo. It's the largest in Europe but more of that to come later.
Mum at the top of the Blackpool tower.
Me at the top of the blackpool tower.
   After we had gone to the top of the Blackpool tower, we started walking along the promenade again it was a nice day the sun was shining but it was deceiving how hot it was because of the off shore breeze that was developing. We walked for what must have been 1 or 2 miles, it was tiring and I could feel that my hip was starting to work but it was fun as well and I burnt off plenty of calories along the way, which made plenty of room for the Pizza Hut lunch buffet that we were going to have. We got so far along and I saw donkeys on the beach, I really wanted to go on one but they were to small, when mum said this my comment to her was 'I wish I was a kid again just so that I could ride Donkeys on the beach!' I know so mature of me, but hey what can I say I just love riding, it's a horsey life for me! 

When we got so far we could see that the pleasure Beach was still ages and ages away. Now I love walking but with my hip how it was and my mum's back we decided that it would be better to get the Tram the rest of the way and it is a god job that we did because the pleasure beach was miles away! It would have taken us forever to get there and we would be aching by the time that we did get there. When we got to the pleasure beach we could see how big the roller coaster was. The queue wasn't to long so you didn't have time to think about how big a drop was coming. The roller coaster had a 200ft drop, reached speeds of up to 85mph and had winds of up to gail force 4! It's the biggest rollercoaster in Europe and it is amazing! I wanted to go on it again and again! I didn't because I knew with my stomach once was enough. When we had finished at the park we then went to Pizza Hut for lunch which was really nice, as it is something I haven't had in ages! I loved ever single bit of it! 

Donkeys! I want to go on them! Being older sucks! 

Part of the roller coaster that I went on.
When we had finished at Pizza hut me and mum went to do something and give Hannah and Dom some time together just the two of them as she will not be back for another week. So while they went on more rides my mum and I went for a ride on the horse and carts they had got! There was loads of them and I loved it, it felt dead nice riding along next to the beach in a horse and cart. When we'd finished the ride we then just sat at the beach waiting til Dom and Hannah came back and had finished going on all of the rides. We then got a tram back to the hotel and sat talking, Mark (Hannah's dad was included in the conversation and so was the Wales Manager). It was really nice and time seemed to fly by! I had never met Mark before and didn't know what to expect but he seemed an alright person. The five of us (mum, Dom, Hannah, Mark and I) then went out for a Chinese meal that was really nice! I had sweet and sour chicken that tasted great. The conversation kept flowing through the evening until we had finished the meal. We then walked back towards the hotel and my mum, Dom and I started driving back. We didn't get in until 10pm last night but it was worth it because we had a really good day I didn't manage to get to sleep in the car on the way home either so it turned out to be quite a tiring and long day but it was all good fun. 

Horse and carts queuing up outside the aquarium at Blackpool they all looked so cute and seemed to make a fair bit of money over the course of the day. I was surprised to see that many horse and carts!
The grey horse that pulled the cart that me and my mum went for a ride on. It amazed me how calm the horses were, they just seemed to take whatever was thrown at them in the strides, especially the traffic! 
And again! I really like this photo not sure what it is about it that I like but there's something. 
I also really like this photo too but it would have been better if the car was not in the way, it kind of spoils the picture a bit. I also like how shiny and well looked after the horses appeared to be. When they were standing waiting to do their  work they all had rugs on.
For those of you that have been following my blog for a while you will know that I love sunsets and being able to photograph them. This Photograph is my favourite of the day but doesn't do the sunset justice it was so bright and had so many vivid colours in it! But to get all the colours I would have needed a filter and that's something that I didn't have but is on my wish list.  
This photo shows the colours a bit better but still not as well as it did if you'd been there in real life it was stunning! It was the perfect end to the perfect day!
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  1. It looks like such a fun place!

  2. Wow that looks like a fun place! I'll have to add it to my list of places to visit someday.

  3. It was fun I loved how there was things for all ages, they had got a sea life place water park, circus arcades and loads of lovely views

  4. That is the largest coaster in Europe? I feel sorry for you guys LOL that is peanuts compared to the fun ones we have here in Ontario! Glad you had fun.

  5. I love roller coasters! I'm going to have to go to Ontario one day just for the rollercoasters!


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