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Todays been a good but tiring long day, last night I didn't go to sleep until going on Midnight again, it seems to me that my body clock is messed up again! I woke up and had just enough time to get dressed and get out of the car to go out with Dean and Sue. The weather was rubbish, it was cold, wet and raining, it's June and the weather feels like it is the middle of winter. We had KFC for lunch and then went to Edale again which is a lovely dale in the middle of no-where it's dead peaceful and quiet but in wet weather it has a really eery feeling to it. We stayed there for a while just watching the animals and seeing what the animals did, it was lovely but would have been better like the first time we went were it was red hot and sunny. It was a really good day out we just spent some time chilling and talking. 

This evening I then went to the youth group that I go to, there wasn't many people there and it was really quiet but it was nice and calm which makes a change to what it was normally like. Now that I have got in I've curled up in bed with Eastenders on it is already 11pm at night and I am still wide awake, but hopefully I will get some sleep. 

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