Finally tanning!!

Another quick post I promise that sooner you will have a longer more detailed post of everything that is going on both horse related and none horse related. Yesterday I had a great evening in the sun and also did some lunge jumping with Gatsby but until tomorrow that is all I am telling you guys. ;) 

Today was my first exam and also the one I am probably the most prepared for as I know quite a bit about textiles theory. Although I do hate it. In exams I normally have loads of time left at the end however this time I did not have enough time so I am hoping this means that I put in more detail and am going to get a higher grade but only time will tell. People keep asking me how I think it went and this time the answer is that I honestly do not know how it went. I can't and won't guess as I just plain and simply do not know. 

This afternoon I spent a couple of hours in the garden with my mum. My mum tans really well and wanted to get some sun as we are having a lovely heat wave summer time at the moment. I went outside with her because I did not want to be left on my own. My mum and dad both tan really easily, however I do not tan, normally I do nothing. Well not today. We were out there for a couple if hours and you could tell that my skin was changing colour at the minute it is quite pink however I know that the only times that I have ever tanned, I've gone red first and then gone a golden colour so it will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. 

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