Well I said that I was going to do something creative today, when I said that I meant drawings, painting, card making or baking. Not gardening! This morning we went to Pc World for my brother to get a cable, when my mum got back she decided that she was going to cut our hedge so that it was easier for me to reverse in for when I get my car back! When we had done this we were all sitting around watching TV until my uncle got her, then my dad came in and when he came in, we took Angel for a walk. When we got back my mum and I went to empty a wheel barrow, she then saw that one of the bushes around our garden path needed trimming back and she said that I could do it. To start with I thought I'd make a mess of it but mum told me where I needed to start (at the bottom) and how much needed cutting off. This was a good idea because then as I got higher up I was able to keep the trimmed bits at an even level and not random bits sticking out.

I then went to get my dad to show my dad, and mum showed him the work she had been doing earlier in the day. She then said that she wanted to trim an apple tree that we had got, because when the apples grow on it the branches drop down and they would likely to hit my car. So while my mum was doing this I went back to pulling stuff up. I pulled all the Ivy that was left off the fence and the gates and then mum got me a hoe so that I could work on trimming back where there were weeds and over grown areas at the bottom of the fence leading in to our drive. Then also trimming the area back where my car goes so it will be easier to park when I get it back.

Now for an update on my car, I haven't heard anything about my car since Monday. It's now been gone for a month, what should have been a quick and simple job has turned in to a major saga, we left it with one garage and Nigel told us that it was a water pump and it would be ready soon, then it was a thermostat that needed fixing so he put that it, the it was a head gasket. Then it wasn't a head gasket, he could never make his mind up! Luckily we aren't paying for it it's being covered under my three months warranty by the garage that I bought it off! Eventually my car got moved to a second garage, at this garage they confirmed that Nigel had in fact made my car worse. It HAS had to have a new head gasket put on it, and the garage it is at now (is a mini and bmw specialist) has never known for a head gasket to go on a mini one 1.4 ever! Because of this they hadn't got the tools needed and it wasn't a tool that is kept on the shelf because it's never needed, so they've had to buy the tool and wait for it to be delivered to fix my head gasket. I have not heard anymore since Monday when we got told it would be the end of the week, so tomorrow mum is going to ring up to see how my car is doing and hopefully tomorrow or Friday I will have my car back! Fingers Crossed. 

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