Horse Time yesterday and a day out today

Yesterday Morning I got up earlier and was at the stables by 8:00, it was early but I was buzzing no matter what I am doing I love my horse time and there's something about mucking out stables that I find really therapeutic. When I got there we went and Fetched Gatsby and Rascal in, and the others all went out, I even got to take Dixie out who is so cute, I think those two shetlands are amazing! I then started Mucking out and did Soloman's, Daisy's and the shetlands stables. Once we had finished this we swept the rest of the yard, and Barry looked at the blocked drain on the yard, but couldn't get at it because it's under the tractor that we couldn't move until Fiona is back. When we'd finished we had a cup of tea and a chat which was nice and then moved on to doing poo picking. Now while this isn't my favourite job it's not a job that I hate either, I find it strangely therapeutic. The best thing is because it gets kept on top of it it doesn't take that long to do where as it took ages at Broomfield. 

This morning, I woke up early as I knew I would need to be up. I didn't need to be up too early but unfortunately my brain decided I needed to be up before 8am! Talk about annoying, when I could have had a lie in. Dean and Sue picked me up and we went straight for lunch as it was lunch time and had a KFC, which was nice but not as nice as it used to be. However I did still really enjoy it. Once we had done there we were trying to decide where to go because the weather forecast had given out thunder and lightening, so we didn't want to go to the middle of no where and then that all to happen, all though it would have been amazing to photograph. We looked on my phone and the weather report said that it wouldn't thunder and lightening but it would rain. We decided that we would go to Edale, which is in the middle of no where it's lovely, the roads out we hit really bad rain but decided that we would keep going because we thought that it would pass by. It did and I ended up getting some really nice pictures. We then went to look at Lady Bower to take some pictures which is a huge reservoir, it was amazing and I got some really nice pictures that I will post later. We dropped in to Glossop and had a sandwich and a drink and then carried on. We looked all over and went to Chatsworth hoping to see the deer and sheep but we didn't see them and after this we drove home. It ended up with a sunny evening which I was quite surprised by I think that we all were. 

I am glad that we missed the thunder and lightening though because around lunch time there was thunder and lightening at home and that would have spooked me. It sounds odd but it's not the lightening that bothers me, in fact I think that is quite pretty, it's the big bangs that the thunder makes that bothers me. That's what I don't like, so I was quite pleased when I realised that we had missed it.

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