Jumping Gatsby

Today was another good ride on Gatsby. I got there for 12:30 so that I could groom Gatsby and tack her up, I really enjoyed spending time grooming him, and he was really good. The only thing that I found difficult was picking out his back feet, as the ground has clay in it in the fields that the horses go out in, it's either really soft and easy to get out of the hooves or it is rock hard. Today it had dried so it was more difficult to get out. 

When I got on him Fiona asked me what I would like to do with Gatsby today, I immediately said jumping as I loved doing it yesterday. I warmed him up making sure he stretched and had a forward strong rhythm in his walk, at one point it looked like he was 'power walking' and it felt so funny but it felt great at the same time if that makes sense! It was odd but good. Just after I had started warming Gatsby up, we heard the gate go and all I could hear Fiona say was 'that's Jenny'. Jenny is Gatsby's owner and she has only seen me ride him in pictures I put on Facebook or Video's, I was nervous to start with but soon relaxed, I thought it was really nice of her to come while I was riding Gatsby and it was something that I didn't mind. She said to my mum 'it was nice seeing someone who can actually ride Gatsby' I thought that was one of the nicest compliments that I had ever got. When we had done some trot work, I put my stirrups up two holes, and moved on to cantering Gatsby, we put a pole on the ground and worked on getting the right strides which is something that I have always really struggled with, cause I never know where to count them from and til, but eventually I could feel it and was getting it right. Then I bought Gatsby back to walk so that Jaimie-leigh could do some canter work with Rocky as it's something she's working really hard at and doing amazingly at since she fell off. She couldn't get him to canter on one rein but did an AMAZING job at cantering on the other rein and I think that she did a really good job, but needs to believe in herself more. When she had decided that she had had enough Fiona said I was to do some walk to canter transitions with Gatsby whilst she was putting up the jump then when she had done that I was to pop over the jump. I could feel him getting excited to jump, and I really enjoyed jumping him. We did a small cross rail again but to me it's not the size that matters it's the fact that I can still jump and am looking forward to it not worrying about what's going to happen, which I have never really done with jumping even though I enjoyed it. I went over the jump a couple of times and once I rushed him to much, once I didn't have enough leg on but there were a couple of really nice jumps and I was really happy with what I got out of him. I'm so pleased with how much my riding is changing and how I am developing and becoming a stronger/better rider, it's such a great feeling and a feeling that I want to never go away. 

In other news while I was riding mum was talking to Jenny, in september there is a charity ride that's 15miles and not far from where Gatsby is, mum mentioned that I'd wanted to do it but didn't want to assume that I could do it and Jenny said as long as Fiona was happy with it and said it was okay, it was fine by her. There's lots of new and exciting things coming up and I can't wait to see what the future is going to bring. 

On Monday I'm going up in the morning from 8:00am til 10:00am. Then in the afternoon I am going to be going back up for Pony Club. Tomorrow (Sunday) I am going to spend some time revising, and just relaxing, as I have got my two final exams this week! 

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