New phone

Today my new phone came, I got the blackberry z10 and I love it. It's great and easy to use as well as being light weight. Another cool feqature that it has is to so with my BlackBerry playPlayBook. And is called remote control and it means that what I typon my phone then appears on my pPlayBook I don't really get how it works but I find it really fascibnating. 

Today I've not done much. I did another drawing last night and also has pony club last night which was really fun. We brought Gatsby out of his stable and looked at all the different parts of the horses some I didn't have a clue where they were and other parts where really easy. We then put Gatsby away and when we Had done that Elaine gave us all a sheet on it was a diagram of a horse and you had to write next to the letter what that part of the horse was. There was only two that we missed (we worked in twos) and these were the croup and the chestnuts. I found it fascinating knowing all the different parts and can't wait to learn more about them. We then fed the horses and got to pick a horse to grow so me and a little girl worked  grooming gatsby. I think he enjoyed all the fuss and attention. We then turned gatsby and rascal out and that was the end of pony club. 

Today I had more news on my car. It is the head gasket that has gone so that will be replaced. The bwm mini specialists have never known for a head gasket to go on the make and model of mini that I have. It won't be back this week but everyone is hoping that I will get it back for the beginning of next week 

Tomorrow I am gehelping at the afstables.

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