Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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Now for the writing part.

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Today was the derbyshire county show, a show that I've been going to for the last five years (only to watch, maybe one day to compete) the first three years the weather was that hot that I burnt. The last two years all it has done is rain! While I still enjoy going I don't enjoy the weather that we seem to be getting all of the time. 

Mum and I left the house at 8:00 this morning, I'd been so excited the night before that I hadn't slept well the night before, I kept waking up thinking that it was the morning and then realising that it wasn't the morning. This year we didn't have to Que. to long before we were able to get parked. In years before we have been queuing for what has seemed to be hours, more like 30 minutes, but still it felt like forever. 

When we got there we headed to the show jumping ring, I always love watching this, and I got to spend some time doing some photograph work, I love how the horses look going over the jumps and how excited some seem to be to do their jobs. Others did not seem to happy with the weather conditions but who can blame them? Not me! We then moved on to looking a some in hand work, I don't know what it is about in hand work but I love how it looks and the idea of being able to do it one day in the future, it might never happen but I can dream big. It was really cute though because they had got loads of little foals running along next to their mums (as you'll see in my previous post). When we had done this we hit all the stalls. When we had left at the start of the day I said that I was not going to buy anything but I did. I bought a pink Rydale cashmere jumper that I love. It's really soft and it's really warm which is surprising because it doesn't look that warm. 

When we'd had something to eat we moved on to looking at the hunters, I also got to do some more photographing here (you can also see these on the post before). When we had sat there for a while we moved on to looking at the shire horses. While they aren't the most glamourous horse in the world there is something that I like about them and I loved all the baby shire horses that we saw too. They were so cute and looked so fluffy I loved them! When we'd done here the last thing that we looked at was a stunt show, this year instead of horses it was motor bikes though. It was increasingly more dangerous because we were in the middle of a heavy rain downfall, and the winds were picking up. They started out with just a quad bike, that went on to only its two side wheels, then a wheelie, then it did a doughnut and the amount of dirt that it picked up was insane, there was just grass flying everywhere. They then moved on to a bike and a quad bike riding up a ramp and jumping over a big gap onto a lorry, and then down a ramp on the other side. It was amazing! They made it look so easy, then they started doing tricks in the air, like not holding the handle bars, kicking their legs up behind them, coming out of the seat, putting their legs over the handle bars and back all before landing. It was amazing to watch and something that did fascinate me, however I still prefer the Rocking Horse Stunt Show that has been there since the first year that we started going to the county show. They were the highlight of the show for me and it didn't seem right not seeing them there. 

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