A day out with my mum

Well my mum and I didn't get to do what we planned to do. Months ago in a horse and rider magazine I saw an advert for Cavendish Horses at Bolsover Castle, when I saw it I said I wanted to go but I forgot about it until today. My mum agreed that she'd take me and we got there for them to tell us that they had sold out of tickets for the day, but we could still go look at the castle if we wanted to. I said no thanks because old buildings don't interest me.

So instead we went to Mcdonalds to get something to eat as neither of us had anything all day and when we had done there we went to go to Chatsworth house with the intention that we would see all the deer out grazing but when we got there they were across the other side of the river and couldn't be seen anywhere. So mum surprised me by taking me to the Horse and Carriage Museum in Darley Dale, we got there one minute after they had closed. So instead I spent time taking pictures of the horses out in the field. It was a good opportunity and I liked stroking them, giving them some fuss and of course practicing my Equine Photography. 

When we decided that it was time to move we then went to the wildlife photography exhibition that they had got going on, it took us a while to find where it was but I loved it. The photographs were stunning, some of them I didn't like (e.g. the hunting shots) and others I found really fascinating e.g. underwater seal photographs, deers in the snow and a ladybird on a rose. There were some many more amazing photographs but I haven't got the time to list them all out. All I'll say is if you live in the UK and the derbyshire area you should head over and check it out, it's so worth it! I also got a few names of photography clubs that are local to me so I am going to look in to joining them so that I get some more photography experience as in later years that's going to be so helpful.

Tomorrow I will post some of my pictures showing them before I've edited them and after.

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