a great day was had by all

This morning I went up to my stables to help out again, there was three of us there (Barry, Fiona and I) so we knew that we would be able to do things quicker than normal. My mum and I over slept so I was 15 minutes late but Fiona didn't mind, we turned the horses out and then had a good laugh while we were mucking out stables, we started at opposite ends with the plans to meet in the middle. Fiona offered that if I would like to I could ride Gatsby this afternoon so of course, I said yes.

I went home at about 10am and then helped my mum and uncle doing the shopping, after we had done that I went to my room with the intention to read a book instead I ended up falling asleep until it was time to go to the dentist. Then after the dentist I went back up to the stables, Fiona, Elaine and I bought all the horses in, giving them their feed and taking their fly rugs off. When we had done that (we missed feeding Gatsby, Rascal and Little Rocky) I groomed and tacked up Gatsby to ride him in the school and Kelly tacked up Rascal and Elaine got Little Rocky for them to go for a trip around the block which was really cute, it was little and large with one a shetland and the other a 16.3hh Irish sports horse. I'd been riding for about 10 minutes when Fiona came down to join me, she was riding her horse Vettie. It amazed me watching them work because they looked so good and it all looked so easy, if only I could ride like that! I spent half an hour just working in walk, making sure to get plenty of work done in the outline and him moving forward nicely and actively. It amazed me that because I was wearing my belt (that holds my pelvis in the right place) Gatsby responded so differently. He was more active and more willing to go in an outline. I included lots of transitions and circles as well as some serpentines. When I got off I put Gatsby in his stable and we gave the other three their food. We put their haynets up and made sure that they were all sorted ready for bed for the night.

Tomorrow I've got another ride on Gatsby (my weekly lesson), then Monday it's pony club!

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  1. it was really good horse times the best part of the week for me!


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