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Today has been a good day. This morning I managed to get a lie in after going to sleep really early last night. My dad got back from Norfolk at about Lunch time today so my brother and I helped him to unload all the boxes from it this morning. We then took the van back and my dad and I went to see how a friend of ours E-type is doing then we went to the pub for a quiet drink. 

This afternoon I was at the dentist again, for as long as I can remember I have had a fear of needles, and four months ago it was agreed that they would refer me to a hospital to get my teeth sorted under sedation. Unfortunately they have now decided they can't do it. So my dentist has agreed that every friday when he should normally be shut he will spend an hour after work has finished getting me the work done, using bubble gum cream and then doing the injection later on. We managed to get two things sorted out while I was there today and I will go back again a week today. We have soon realised that the problem causing me to need so many fillings was from when I was ill last year, because I was being sick and throwing up Acid none-stop which was wearing away the enamel. When I wasn't being sick I was drinking protein Skandishakes these were full of sugar but contained the calories that I needed to maintain weight and not drop it too quickly and dangerously and also the nutrients I needed to keep my body functioning properly until my liver was sorted. Unfortunately it has major side effects on my teeth. I also have one chipped tooth from my riding accident last may. 

This evening I then went bowling, Spencer and I said we wanted to know who was the better bowler, well last time we went we won one game each out of two, the same thing happened today so we are pretty level in the way that we bowl.

Tomorrow I get to ride Gatsby, I'm hoping that the heat isn't going to be to bad and that if it is there is at least a draft. I feel more sorry for Gatsby in this heat than I do for myself because I can find ways to cope with it but Gatsby is black so he attracts the heat more than other horses but he also attracts so many flies. 

I'll also have some pictures showing the damage that I have done in my hip. I'll have a picture without the belt on that I have to wear to hold my hip in the correct place (I'll explain more about that tomorrow). I will also have a picture of it with my belt on to see if my legs look more level and also see how it effects my riding and if it improves my balance. I know I'm going to ache more but if it means I can get my hip sorted then that is all that matters to me. 

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