A ride on Gatsby and Rascal.

Riding two horses in one day. This morning I got up to go riding, I turned up at my stables to find that for once it had cooled down a bit. There was lots of clouds and it looked like it was going to rain but it didn't. I spent half an hour grooming Gatsby, and giving him some love. Then at 1 I got on JaimieLeigh  wasn't there for the lesson today but Alice was. Before I got on we made sure that both of my stirrups were level. Then when I got on Fiona and my mum looked to see whether I was still level and I wasn't this proves that my hip is slightly out of place. I spent the first 15 minutes riding Gatsby making sure that he moved willingly and forward. I then got off and put the belt on it's job is to hold my hip in the correct position not the position that it is at the moment. 

When we put the belt on and I got back on Gatsby we noticed an immediate difference, I was so much more level and Gatsby was a lot more responsive. He was amazing! He turned from me moving my hips.  I was able to do shoulder in and leg yield and work in an outline. I was amazed at how much difference the belt actually made. It's something that I am going to have to get used to riding in but is going to be extremely beneficial. 

If you look at this picture you can se that my pelvis tips ever so slightly. It's not a big difference but it is a big enough difference to cause a problem.

This pictures shows it a bit better! 

Now here is the difference. This photograph shows the belt that I have to wear the pushes my pelvis in to the right place, here you can see that my legs even up and aren't odd (or if they are it's a tiny bit).  
The simple fact that I love Gatsby.

When it got to half way Alice and I swapped horses and I jumped on Rascal. The first thing that I noticed was how supportive his saddle is, Rascal has a dressage saddle. I was able to keep my leg in place. However I was still tipping one way in Rascals saddle this confirms to me that it's not Gatsby that is fully tipping me it is my hip as well.

Rascal was great to ride I was able to pick up a nice outline with him really quickly and I couldn't believe it. He was a more forward horse than Gatsby is and he spooked at something in one of the fields and I was amazed to still be able to sit the spook so that is good to know! His leg yields felt really nice and forward I was able to move him over and feel him crossing his legs underneath him. He gave me a better idea about the position that I need to be in. Even though I prefer Gatsby it did me good to get on a different horse. 

Sitting on Rascal for the first time ever you can see that my hips are more level here, as I'm in a dressage saddle and have the belt on.

Really like this photo, first time riding a different horse in a while. It was eventful and I enjoyed it. 
On this photo you'll notice that even with the belt on and being on Rascal with his saddle I am still tipping myself to the right.  
Riding a different horse made me think more about my position but it also made me happy because I know I can get on a different horse and still work them in an outline.

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