Driving lessons and cartoon fun

Yesterday at Pony Club we were doing some practice towards our first badge night next week! The first badge that we will be doing is grooming. So yesterday with the sun shining and it being nice hot weather we got the sponges and shampoo out and started working on bathing the horses. Alice and I did Gatsby and first of all we made sure to brush him all over especially his tale which was particularly knotty. When we had done we started putting the horses to bed, making sure to put the hay nets u and top the water up. It was then time to go home but mum was running late so Fiona let me get Tabby out (one of the new kittens) so I got lots of cuddles with them. They are so cute and I love them, I'm looking forward to afternoons at the stables and cuddles with the kittens.

This morning I had got my third driving lesson with my new driving teacher. We decided that we were going to work on doing emergency stops. We talked about how it was important not to stall when doing the emergency stop. We also talked about what you'd do if it was a rainy day and you had to do one e.g. what would happen if the car was to spin. The first one that we did was good speed wise but I didn't quite push the brake down hard enough. We tried it twice more and I eventually got the hold of it. Towards the end we drove back home and came up where there was quite a sharp incline we worked on riding the clutch which is something that I had been working on with my mum.

When I got in I decided to do something that was a little bit different. I'd found these really cute cartoon pictures online earlier in the day. I saved them with the initial idea that I was going to do draw them again and then colour them in my way. However I changed my mind and decided that I was going to do something that was different, I decided that I would pick random sections of the cartoon, (e.g. the hair colour) and then change them. It took me a while to do it as once I had started I wanted to do something different, making it more and more complicated. I was most impressed with my changing of the hair colour. I think that it is pretty good but I will let you guys be the judge of that.

On this cartoon I changed the hair colour, the bow colour and then made the camera look more hand drawn. I thought that this image was quite appropriate seen as the fact that I have purple hair and nearly always have a camera with me. Let me know what you guys think.
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