Driving Mayhem

So you might have noticed that there is a new blinkie on my page, at the top in the left hand column. I can't wait to tell you guys more about it but you're all going to have to wait a little bit longer for that bit of information sorry guys! I'll give you a hint though it is to do with scrapbooking and computer software! 

This morning I had my driving lesson, I've had 5 lessons with this new teacher and he has helped me to come on in leaps and bounds, it is just over a month until I'm going to be doing my driving test and from now on we are going to be working on test roots that the driving test people use. I've done all of the movements that you need to do, and feel really prepared for my exam, I've been able to practice in my car but only in small amounts as it's got to go up to my local garage tomorrow.

I haven't really done much for the rest of today as I've not been feeling well but I think this is to do with the thunderstorm atmosphere that we have got at the minute.

I love this picture of Gatsby and I, I do not know why I like this picture so much I just do really like it so I thought that I would finish with this picture.

Until Tomorrow 
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