One Tired Girly

Today has been a good but tiring day, this morning I got up early to go the stables and help out. It was fun and we almost finished perfectly on time, it also meant that I got to play with the kittens! They are starting to be so adventurous and explore there surrounding areas which is good. At one point they were both in the cage and snuggled up together it was the cutest thing that I have ever seen (pictures will be in my next post). I also got to say hi to Daniel who is Fiona's son. He's so cute and loved playing on his grans scooter chair thing - can't think of the right word at the minute. I also discovered that I am pretty fast at putting fly rugs on something that I didn't think I was (that's when I can get them the right way round. 

This afternoon mum had to go and see her physio who has said there's nothing he can do for her back so she needs to see someone else, he gave her an exercise to train her shoulder to go back in place and I also am going to try doing them. When I got in this evening I curled up and watched some of my favourite t.v. shows then had a chinese. 

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  1. Glad you had a good day :-) kittens are so gorgeous!!


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