Physio Appointment

Today has been a pretty average day, I decided early on in the day that I wasn't going to do a lot because I was really tired, the only thing that I needed to do was go to my physiotherapy appointment at 2:30. 

I went with my mum and brother this morning for them to talk to a bike sales person about the next motorbike that my brother would like, that has a 125cc engine instead of a 50cc. When we got home my mum and I decided that we would do my driving practice and time it so that I arrived at the physio on time. When I got there she asked how I was feeling and I said better but that I was still aching and occasionally getting pins and needles. She felt the joint in my back and said that it feels like it's gone back in to  place. I'm to keep using my belt when I'm riding and see how it goes and then in a couple of weeks try riding with out it and if I have any problems between now and then just to let her know!

When I got in I started reading a new book, and then just watched t.v. I've got a lot of creative projects in my mind that I am hoping to start doing soon. 

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