These can all be seen on instagram to look at them just click on this link! 

I love this picture, this is Tabby one of our new members at the riding school along with Tickles 

The image that started my desire for a new hair colour, 
A hair style that I would love to have but no wouldn't suit me because of it being blonde, however if it was dark well maybe! 
The exact shade of purple that I want my hair with pink running through the fringe.
 All these pictures are things that I like at the minute, the kittens I love and thought you guys would like better pictures of and the hair styles led to a dying session this evening to get purple hair with a pink highlighted area in it, there will pictures of that to come tomorrow, along with a fun dentist appointment! Urgh I HATE the dentist but more about that tomorrow.

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 


  1. Oh that is cool hair!!!

    PS I HATE the dentist too!

  2. Wow, super cool hair...I could not pull that off :-)

  3. Thanks guys! I love it, it's now dyed a purple with red highlights! x


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