Pony Club - 1st July 2013

This afternoon was Pony Club. I woke up this morning still feeling tired but also aching, I think I must have tossed and turned a lot last night because I was stiff and aching all over. I spent all day chilling until it was time to go to Pony Club in the hope that my hay fever would settle down quickly, it just settled down when we got there! 

We all sat chatting for a while waiting to see what we would be doing this week, it turned out that we would be looking at hay nets, hay, haylage and why you feed different horses different things. So that kicked my hay fever off again but I didn't mind that to much. For Gatsby we had to fill his hay net with haylage to roughly 12-14 pounds so we went for 13, as it was in the middle. I loved being able to learn more about why you give different horses different things. I also love the smell of haylage. 

While we had done that Elaine had set up the next task that we needed to work in two's or three's for. We had to go around five stables and say what was wrong in the stable. The things were either really subtle or really obvious. It was things like having mucking out tools in a stable with a horse that is loose, head collar left tied and on the floor with a horse in the stable, no food or water in the stable, rugs on inside out. In one stable there was 5 things there was the fact the head collar was tied to the tie ring, the fact it wasn't tied with a slip know, the horse wasn't in the stable but hadn't been skipped out, haynets on the floor, and a fly rug over the hay bar! 

I liked doing this because it made your brain really work, especially with the more subtle ones, the one that I completely missed was the fact that dixie's head collar was too big for him! We then had to add up the marks out of 13 and we got 12 so the girl that I was with and I were really happy with that. We came joint first with one of the other teams! 

At the end of the evening we all got given a horse that at the end of each week we would put to bed, this included, skipping out, a quick groom and checking the feet, checking the water and putting the hay nets up. In the winter it would also included putting rugs on. Of course I asked if I could have Gatsby and Fiona said yes, so for the last half an hour every week we will put our chosen horses to bed. 

Tomorrow I am going to write a post about my day out on Sunday I was going to put it at the end of this post but it would be to long and I am ready to go to sleep! 

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