Pony Club Achievement.

It was a good night at pony club today and we all managed to pass our pony club handling and grooming badge so this was great. Next week we will do another badge, I think we agreed on points of the horse. I'm going to have to do some brushing up on them as I find them really hard to remember. 

When we got there we talked about what we were going to be doing, we then got two horses and split in to two groups, four of us had Hazel and the other three had Big Rocky. The first thing that we had to do was lead the horses in a straight line, then round a certain block, back again and halt. Making sure to use our voices and actually talk to the horses. We then put Hazel back in her stable and left Rocky tied up while Fiona got Daisy out. We then had to show that we could tie a horse up using a slip know, this time I got to work with Daisy who is so adorably cute. 

We all went in the tack room for cake and drinks. After we had done we all had a piece of paper and a pen, in front of us was a grooming box with all the pieces out on the floor. We had to right down at least Six of the pieces of equipment and then say what they were used for, e.g. a hoof pick is to pick out the horses hooves. After we had done this we had to show that we knew what to do with a body brush and metal curry comb and also how to pick a horses hoof up and pick it out. 

We then got told that we had all passed so we took a picture of all of us around Rocky holding our badges, I got to be in the middle and hold Rocky. We then picked names out of a hat for which horse we were going to be putting to bed. I got the Little Boys (Rocky and Dixie) and we had to skip out their stables, feed them, check there water and put the right hay nets up. Then we could give them a quick brush over and check out their feet. Which was cool. Because Dixie is quite old he eats quite slowly, so I got to help Fiona out with her boys, while she was giving them their feed and doing their haynets I went around and skipped them out. When I'd finished I then sprinkled Gatsby's haynet with water so that it was moist but not soaking wet ready to be hung up by the person who had got him, this was something that I had never done before but enjoyed doing.

It was then the end of pony club but before we went we were asked which badge we wanted to do next week. We had the choice of doing mucking out or points of the horse. No-one put their hands up for mucking out so it was decided that we were going to do points of the horse. Then on the next own a pony day we can do the mucking out badge because we will be mucking out anyway. 

Tomorrow morning I am going up to the stables for 7:45ish to do some mucking out and hay net filling, I love my extra horse time as it always makes me smile and feel better. When Elaine puts the picture on facebook I will post it here for you all to see. 

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