The lightbulb moment

Yesterday I got in another ride on Gatsby, I went up earlier than Pony Club with the intention that I would get to ride Gatsby before Pony Club but when I got there it had just started raining heavily and there was extremely big bangs of thunder going on. We had a cup of tea and the thunder stopped leaving us with just a little bit of rain, so we decided that we would tack up and get on. The minute that I got on another bang of thunder happened and it was right over the top of us so I got off and we thought we would try lunging him well the rain and wind picked up again so we decided that wasn't a good idea and put him a way I spent some time grooming him and giving him some love and attention. 

When Pony Club started we decided that as there was only four of us that we would do some riding, the sun came out and we got on. I am so glad that we did because it was the best ride that I have had so far. He'd got a snaffle bit in again and we worked on getting him in the outline and it was like everything clicked in place, I was able to get on him and just do what I wanted him to do. He was working in a lovely outline and maintaining the outline while we did transitions up and down. This is something that I have never been able to do before. We did circles and serpentines (we rode for thirty minutes) and the majority of the time he was perfect he has become so much easier to ride and I felt a lot more secure in my seat and this was the most important thing to me. I also liked how I could feel that I was using my muscles more and I could feel that I was using them more and that was great! I loved it, I just hope that I can do the same thing again on Saturday,  fingers crossed I'll be able to and the weather will allow us to ride. But until the day arrives I don't know. 

When we had finished riding the other two girls got on and had there half an hour and while they were doing that we worked on plaiting Daisy. Which was fun. 

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  1. Sounds like a really great ride :) Glad the weather cleared up for you.


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