wierd wednesday

Wednesday, 10 July 2013
My mum has decided that today is wierd Wednesday as it has just been a bad day. First thing this morning my mum got a phone call off orange to do with her upgrading her phones, well as you'll know that happened weeks ago as I had got a new phone, well the guy from orange tried telling my mum that she was wrong and we hadn't got a contract phone. 

Then we went in to where my Physio appointment is going to be to be told that they had booked it in for the week before! Ermmmm NO you said it was going to be the tenth because my mum had to cancel her physio appointment so that I could have mine as I have been waiting that long. The receptionist there basically said we were wrong and she wouldn't possibly have said that. 

This afternoon my uncle got a phone call as he is selling his holiday home. He got asked if he could get everything done for a week on Friday. The contract hasn't even been signed yet and then he should have two weeks after that to move all his stuff out. So it looks like this weekend he will be driving down to Norfolk to get everything packed up in a rush. 

This is just a few of the things that have gone wrong today. 
So I'm going to curl up and watch some t.v. and hopefully get an early nights sleep. 

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