1 more sleep to go

Today had been a day where I haven't done a lot but feel completely exhausted. This morning I woke up far too early for me, normally I sleep until later on but for some reason my brain had decided that this was not going to be the case today, so I got up and dressed and watched T.V. for a while. Around lunch time my brother and his friend got up and I drove them to the gym then I came home. Later on I went to pick them up from town and when I got in I took my dad for a drive. Now I LOVE driving but my Dad always said that he would only get in a car with me after I passed my test but this rule got ignored and he's been out with me twice and both times he gave me constructive criticism  that I think will help to improve my driving. It also helped because I was trying to get everything out so it was a bit like being on my driving test.

When we got in the guy that was coming to look at our trees turned up (he only ended up being two and a half hours late). One of the trees that we have on my drive (the one above my car, I think its a sycamore tree) attracts a particular type of insect, these insects then create a honey like substance that drips on to my car, now while this isn't the end of the world it is a problem because it attracts WASPS! Now I'm petrified of wasps and my mum is highly allergic to wasps, so allergic that if she gets stung she has to go straight to A&E. The problem is all the trees that are in our garden have preservation orders on them so we can't get rid of them without permission, not only this but it would be a hugely expensive job as this tree has been there for years probably hundreds of years so it's a very long time. However today we had the tree guy out to tell us what work needs doing to other trees and what he could do about this one particular tree but we won't find the pricing out for a few days. 

Tomorrow is the ever dreaded results day, I wouldn't have been stressed about this if I hadn't dropped my art but I did and I can't change that! So I'm going to have to hope that I get the results I need but I won't know until 9:30am tomorrow! 

Until Tomorrow 
A Girl With A Dream 


  1. Good luck! Hopefully they're good results!

  2. Thank You, don't think I've ever wanted such good results in my entire life!


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