A bit of all sorts.

The past few days have been a little bit hectic. On Tuesday at the Bakewell Show Equestrian Day I had seen a black Bridle that had pink padding on the brow band and nose band and diamante on the brow band too. I LOVED it. On the day I was going to buy it, but the man on the stall was in the middle of a conversation and I didn't want to interrupt it so I decided that it didn't matter and I wouldn't get it. The next day I was kicking myself for not getting it, so when I went out with Dean and Sue they said they would take me to the shop to pick one up. Well when we got there we were told that they had no full bridles the only one they had got was pony. On and Off on Thursday Dean, Sue and I looked for another one that was similar and we just couldn't find one, so my mum said that it just wasn't the right time or place and I wasn't meant to have it. This made perfect sense to me and I do agree with it, one day I'll find one that was similar that day just wasn't Thursday. 

Today I finally got my new personalised plate put on my car. I have had it since my birthday but it was going to cost more money to get it put on straight away so I had to wait until I needed to put more insurance on my car so today was that day. My mum and I drove to Nottingham and we were able to get it sorted really quickly then when my mum got home she drilled the holes in my new plates and put them on my car! I love them. 

This afternoon my mum took me shopping to get some jeans for when I go to university, I've been putting off doing anything like this for the simple fact that I don't know what grades I've got and until I do I don't want to get my hopes up. But today Mum convinced me to go and look at some jeans that were on offer and I came home with three pairs, they were really comfy and I am glad that I've got them. Tomorrow when it is just me and my mum we are going to do some more shopping. 

This evening I plan to curl up with a good book, have a nice hot bath and wash my hair, and watch some T.V. I just want to spend the evening relaxing and chilling out. Then tomorrow I get to ride Gatsby! After being at the stables more often, it feels like so much longer than a week since I've been there and I can not wait! 

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