An eventful couple of days.

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Yesterday was my own a pony day I got a new badge for mucking out and had a really good and fun time. Millie (who I was working with) and I mucked out three stables and worked on doing haynets. These are both jobs that I found really relaxing. We then had our lunch early and bought in the horses that we were going to be riding. We also tried to hook up Fiona's trailer to her car but the hand break had been put in and it had seized up, so we couldn't move it. When we'd given the horses we got on and doing some riding. I rode for half an hour in the first group working on getting him in an outline and getting him to behave. I then carried on for another half an hour doing walk work and leading the other group, we did lots of creative work including doing triangles. We got off and turned the horses back out we then skipped the stables. Fiona had said that I could go with her and Elaine to bring Soli back home, so we hitched up Kelly's trailer and went to get him. It was really nice to see him as I hadn't seen him in six weeks he looks so much more toned 

This morning I had my lesson with Gatsby. I was really aching and not feeling great but I had a fairly good ride. About halfway through we had to take a few minutes for Gatsby and I to relax and chill out as we were both getting too tense. We had no martingale on Gatsby and he was really flinging his head up. He's a good horse to ride but today just wasn't our day. He was showing/telling us that he did not want to work today, I'd almost get him in an outline and then he would fling his head up. We will get there one day, just not today. We got some nice work towards the end when we were both relaxed. We also got a really nice leg yield however when I wanted him to do it for a second time he was having none of it. He showed me how varied horses moods can be. 

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