Bakewell Show - Equestrian Day - 2013

For the first year Bakewell show decided that they would do an extra day before the show starts that is just equestrian things. In magazines this sounded really good but when I looked online there was hardly anything about it other than trade stands would be open, it was £5 and it was free parking. When we got there we found that the majority of the trading stands were closed and wouldn't open until tomorrow and that there wasn't a lot going on. We decided that if they do this day again it needs better advertising and it needs more life! There wasn't a huge amount of footfall, and there wasn't a lot going on in the arenas there was a bit of dressage when we first got there and then the only thing that was really going on was working hunter. 

However it offered me a great opportunity to work on my photography skills, I was able to play around with the manual settings, decide whether I wanted my camera on continual shooting or not. I was also able to play around with taking the odder photography shots not just the straight forward and simple over the jump shots. I think I got some pretty good shots and I will show you them all tomorrow when I've put them on my computer. I think if they made it more eventful then I might go to it again next year but it needs more life and uniqueness. 

Tomorrow I'm going to look at my pictures and make some more photographs to advertise my photography business at the stables, as Fiona's said she'll put up one of my posters. Not sure what else I am doing tomorrow though.

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